Until we meet again… in Term 3

29 Jun

Amazing to think just how quickly these first six months of the year have flown!! here we are at the end of semester one already!! and on behalf of the library staff, we’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe mid-year holiday break!!

readingjourneyPlease don’t forget to read to your children, with your children or listen to them read to you!! Some time this week, a student asked me: ” …but what do we get from all this reading and listening to stories?..” I was pleased that he asked this and to me, the answer is simple! It’s all about the enjoyment, the escapism, the hope and empathy- building that stories can engender in us!! They can capture our imagination, extend our vocabulary and cultural experiences to name a few!! They can transport us to a different time, space and realm!! as well as fill our time with literary enrichment. So please try to share this time with your children and ask questions along the way! If only for a half hour a day! It’s like “medicine” for the mind and we highly recommend it! Please also take advantage of the great school holiday programs provided in public libraries. They have some terrific activities for children. All in all, we want to wish you all a wonderful holiday! whatever you may be doing! and we’ll see you back in Term 3, I.A.     sun

Best wishes from the Primary library staff at A.I.A


Our visit to Essendon North Primary school

25 Jun

Our visit to Essendon North Primary school on Friday 22nd June was the second visit to another PYP school in our area for this year; and what a lovely set up it was! It may have been a small library but it was beautifully laid out with shelves and shelves of books. The librarian, Julie was well organised and thorough and this was obvious in the layout of the library.

Selfie... Ms Iman, Ms Evelina and Ms Julie

For storytime, the students sat on a large rug just outside the main library area which was a huge foyer of the massive gym where they would listen to a story. They visited once a week and were able to borrow several books. The children could also choose which books they wanted for their classrooms which would go under the teacher’s name. The library had ample PYP signage of the attitudes and profiles as well as the main key concepts around the library space on its walls. There was a large storage area at the back of the library which housed class sets as well as books pertaining to Literacy, Maths and Science.

Amazing Storage

The teacher reference resources were kept elsewhere and were mainly the guided readers and big books but because the space was not ample enough, these were kept completely elsewhere within the main building. The library was an adjunct to the huge gym and foyer area so was in this building somewhat away from the main classrooms. It did however, overlook a beautiful, green, large grassed oval area which was being used by a group of students for sports activities.

Beautiful views from the help desk

Julie was friendly and informative and rightfully, proud of her library as you could see the results of her passion and dedication. It was a wonderful experience to chat to another fellow library staff and get some ideas bouncing between us. We have cordially invited to visit us in the future and we can only hope to see her and have the chance to show our library too.

AIA Primary Library school visits to other PYP Primary Libraries

19 Jun

The AIA Primary Library staff, Iman and Evelina, were fortunate enough to pay a visit to another PYP Primary library named Wales St. Primary School in Thornbury. We attended on Friday 8th June in the afternoon and were warmly welcomed by the librarian/library technician there called Sallie. She was very proud of her surroundings in the library and walked us through the different areas within such as the reading pit where children and their teacher gather to share a story and discuss any issues. The children are able to borrow up to 2 books and they stress the need for the children to borrow one storybook and an information book. The school has about 600 students from Prep to Year 6. 

Ms Iman, Ms Evelina and Sallie

Ms Iman, Ms Evelina and Ms Sallie

One section of the library has been set up as a computer lab where teachers are able to book in a time to spend researching together with their class. The actual library set up was rather small but very cosy and colourful with some artwork created for Book Week last year where the theme was: Escape to Everywhere! Sallie said that the display took weeks of work and lots of resources to create a jungle type atmosphere. She also had a large bag of soft toys and cushions that would be given to some select children based on their behaviour. The Information desk was close to the front door and was surrounded by many resources and other paraphenalia. Sallie was a very busy librarian who was sometimes called out to be integration support as she also has these qualifications. The library is her main love and you could tell that she’d relished in that by way of organisation around the library area. She has a store room that doubles as her preparation room for books and other resources that was recently sorted out and organised. 

Computer lab, libraryThey are young fledglings when it comes to the PYP program as they became a PYP school in about 2015 so are developing as much as possible in that area. Their PYP Co-ordinator is a huge asset by all accounts and is instrumental in devising some professional signage that was near the library front door outlining the year’s scope and sequence using the 6 Transdisciplinary themes. Sallie does as much as is practically possible within the time constraints to prepare boxes of resources for the teachers to avail themselves.Busy library entranceAll in all, the visit was a great eye opener and Sallie felt that joining the PYP program has given the entire school structure and good bones insofar as the PYP curriculum is concerned. She awaits eagerly the further development of the program within the school. We left with an open invitation to her to visit our library and school; and left with a spring in our toes as we felt we’d had a very profitable and interesting interaction with each other.






Term 1 – 2018

7 Mar

For the most part of Term One, the library has been focussing on the Transdisciplinary Theme of WHO WE ARE using the conceptual lens of IDENTITY to illustrate, discuss and explore this idea. We have shared many lovely stories from the many books we have and also from the children’s own stories about themselves and growing up. We take this opportunity to share some of the children’s creativity through poetry,drawings and words what we took from this theme. Please enjoy some of the children’s work. Please feel free to make any comments as we value your input!! Thanking you! The Primary Library staff, Ms. Rawia, Ms. Iman and Ms Evelina.

Welcome 2018!

9 Jan

We hope that you are enjoying your school holidays with lots of Sun and Laughter.

Just to remind you to take the opportunity to visit your local library.

There are many things to do there… and the exciting thing is… they are FREE!


  1. Borrow and share wonderful books (the picture books are my favourite)
  2. Explore the Reference section… even though you are unable to borrow these items, they are AMAZING to look at.
  3. Print a page (photo copy it… for a very small fee) from a favourite
    Picture Book and Colour it in!
  4. Join in any scheduled school holiday activities… ask at the help desk.
  5. Most of all… have lots and lots of fun!

See you all safe and well in Term 1 Insha’Allah.

Oh and please remember, if you still have one of our library books at home, please return it when you come back to school…






End of 2017 Library Times

30 Nov

Once again we’ve reached that time in the year when we make sure to “dot the Is and cross the Ts” on all the loose ends before the end of the year and it is on that note then that we ask you to please check that your child has done the right and responsible thing of returning all their library books back before close of school year.


We wish to congratulate the participants of the Premier’s Reading Challenge who rose to the challenge and completed the 15 or 30 stories that had to be read and/or listened to; we’ve had another two successful Book Fairs, one for the Islamic books and one from the Scholastic books organisation; our National Simultaneous story this year was enjoyed by all and we tried to provide some fun activities around the book. This year we’ve made an even more determined and specific effort to include the six Transdisciplinary themes in our work with the children and the two most often and obvious ones that stand out are: How we organise ourselves (in the library) and How we express ourselves (through storybooks). The primary library team has worked well in providing a friendly and efficient service to everyone and I would like to take this chance to thank them for their efforts.  Other than that, I’d like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the primary library staff, to wish you all a happy, safe and relatively “cool” summer holidays. Do remember there are some wonderful public libraries out there that are waiting your visit over the summer.


Best wishes from the primary library staff


IBC Islamic Book Fair

25 May

Many thanks to those staff, parents and children who participated at our IBC Islamic Book Fair in Week 6, Monday 22nd May to Friday 26th May. Your response has been overwhelming and we, the library staff, extend our sincere gratitude for your patronage.

Photo for BLog

Here’s wishing you all Ramadan Mubarak!

In appreciation,

the Primary Library staff. Image result for smiley flower face