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Character Parade

26 Sep

We would like to thank-you all for your support, participation and some unique dance moves in our Character Parade, with the theme for 2012 being ‘Champions Read’!

So many clowns!! So many characters!!

After having a little march and a little dance on the stage, one little clown with big feet, needed a little help walking down the stairs.
‘Watch your step now”

We had informed the children during the character parade, that if they read or a trying and learning to read, then they are already CHAMPIONS!
The smiles on the children’s faces was a tremendous reward for us all.
Everyone seemed to be having so much fun!! We certainly hope that you all enjoyed the day.

Let’s do it all again… next year!!!!


News about the Book Fair!

3 Sep

Hi! everyone! we hope you’re just as excited as we are about the Book Fair!!! it’s starting on Tuesday 4th September in the After School room!!! hope to see you all there with lots of money! As usual there will be a great variety of things to buy such as stationery, books, posters, books, posters,books and more books and posters as well as stationery oh!! and did we forget to mention there’ll be books, posters, stationery and more books and posters!!!!!!!!!!It’s going to run for a whole week up until 4pm on Monday 10th September!!!! See you there!!!!