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Welcome to the 2014 School Year

18 Mar

Here we are in 2014 and another year of fun activities to participate in from the library. Some of these include the Premier’s Reading Challenge. This is a program established by the State government of Victoria and has been running for quite a number of years. It is free for all children from Grade 1 to 5 here at our Primary school but is extended at the High school too. Children from Grade Prep may also participate in the Challenge but only through parental request. Parents with students in Grade Prep may tell their classroom teacher that they would like to participate and a username and password will be issued to you. Most children would have received their user name and passwords by now as well as the letter to parents. It is very important that you sign and return this to school if you want your child’s name to appear in the Age later in the year. The reading program continues till September and your child is asked to read up to 30 books. The details are in the letter to parents that you will have received or will be receiving shortly. Please make the time to read this carefully before you sign and return to school. During the library session the children will be shown how to access the website and use their username and passwords so hopefully this will assist them with using the program away from the library and in their homes.

Another great activity in the library will be the Simultaneous Story time in May which will focus a special book that all children will have read to them. We complement this with some fun activities in the library during that time.

The classes have started in earnest now and the library staff is slowly developing the routines and tasks for all classes to be in the habit of doing when they visit the library. These are mainly when to borrow; discussion time and story time sessions. We have used some of the wider community events and highlighted those in the library, for instance, the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the Labour Day holiday as well as starting the year with a library orientation in particular for the new year Preps.

All is running smoothly and there’s always something to complete in the library. There’s never a dull moment as we are all busy beavers; and speaking of this, Ms Iman is once again continuing her Buzzy Bee Writing Club this year and has given all members a terrific welcome pack by way of introducing them to the Club. So, there are many happy children with great gifts throughout the school.

Each class visits the library once a week and are able to borrow one book if they’re in Grade Prep to Grade Two; and two books can be borrowed from Grade 3 to 5. The grade Preps are in the midst of becoming familiar with the borrowing procedure and will do so from Term 2. We are at present adding the barcodes and names to their library bags. Could you please ensure that they keep these in a safe place once they come home with their bags and library book inside.

Have a great year with your children!

Yours truly,

The Library Staff.