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It’s been a while…but we’re back!

8 Jan

Welcome back…

Welcome to the 2016 School Year!

We have so much to tell you…

It is difficult to imagine that the brand new lovely library at the Coburg campus has already been functioning for the past eight years! How quickly has this time flown by and in that time, so many wonderful events and displays have taken place. The library is the pivotal heart and centre of the school and its resources have certainly expanded having almost 20,000 different types of resources in its collection. These consist of the usual familiar kinds of resources such as the computer hub; the picture book collection; the chapter books, the reference books and information books. It also houses an enormous collection of teacher reference resources ranging from audio-visual materials to a variety of pedagogical books for teachers to use to enhance their delivery of teaching techniques and tools for the classroom. It is a wealth of information and has a very full schedule of class visits and is also used for other various purposes throughout the year such as children’s on-line assessment tools; staff professional development and meetings. It is definitely well-used and functions at an optimal level thanks to the hard working staff which make up the library group. Here are some displays established set to illustrate how it supports the PYP curriculum using its transdisciplinary themes; its attitudes and profiles as well as some of its units of inquiries. We hope to continue to deliver an efficient and expedient service in the future.


National Simultaneous Storytime

The primary library has certainly embraced this annual event which focuses on a particular storybook per year. In 2016 this will be a picture book called “I got this hat” which is about different hats from different countries, for example, from Mexico, a tropical island, China and the Scottish Highlands; and hats worn for ¬†different reasons, for example, a hat for biking, a hat for bed, a pirate hat as well as hats worn for different jobs, for instance, a miner’s hat, a deep-sea diver’s hat, a racing car driver’s hat and a pilot’s hat. This book gives the children an opportunity to explore a variety of culturally different attire; different jobs and functions of Hats! all of which are also some units of inquiries such as “culture”, “occupations” and the concept of “function” addressed in the Primary Years Program. The Art teacher will work closely with a library staff member to prepare the costumes for a live performance of the book in the school’s hall. The event usually takes place in May and is one of the highlights of the library’s calendar for the year. It should prove to be a fantastic show and here are some photos illustrating some of the other successful National Simultaneous Storytime events held in the past.




…stay tuned for future posts…we hope that you enjoy them.