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ICT in the Library

29 Mar

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss with you the meaning of I.C.T which stands for Information Communication using Technology so as the name suggests it is using some form of technology to communicate what your child has been learning at school i.e. the information. This entails starting from the beginning of the use of technology such as the computer, the camera, the video camera, the Ipad and when considering the computer, for instance we, in the library have been focusing on practicing the keyboard skills required to use such programs as Word, Excel or Publisher. We have also spent some time ensuring the children in Year Preps, Ones and Twos know how to identify each part of the computer such as monitor, keyboard, hard drive and mouse. Perhaps during the holidays you too would like to spend some time focusing on this as another activity to enjoy together. It needs to be stressed however, that these forms of technology are a tool used to convey the messages of the information learnt and not the other way around. At high school, the children will actually have Information Technology lessons which takes a closer look at various programs available that may be useful for them to use to convey their learnt information such as the use of IClouds and other more complex programs. Do remember though, they are the tools used to convey messages and are not in themselves meant to take the place of Learning and Teaching, that is still very much a mind over  matter exercise that requires the values of Responsibility and Discipline as well as brain power such as Concentration , Consolidation, Processing and Evaluation i..e Critical Thinking. We hope that the meaning of I.C.T is clear and that you can appreciate its use within the curriculum

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Wow! Term 1 is almost over.

29 Mar
How quickly has the first term of the year sped by for 2016? Soon we’ll be starting our first holidays for the school year and as parents, we may find providing ample stimulating activities for our children quite daunting so from a library point of view, we would like to highlight the wonderful activities that Public Libraries provide during these times. They have special activities during the days and all you’d need to do is look through the list with your children to see which they may prefer. Some public libraries also have school holiday programs and there’s a plethora of various activities that your children could engage in. Public libraries also have Storytelling sessions for pre-school children to attend but these are also great for the Year Preps, Ones and Twos to attend. This is always followed by a special activity from the book shared together. Sometimes we get asked for a list of suitable books for children to read and even though there are many of these, I always begin by suggesting parents start with books that pitch towards their child’s areas of special interest. This list is endless but could include books on dinosaurs, cars, various sports, butterflies, fairies, animals in general. From my years of experience working in libraries, these seem to be the topics that children love the most; but one way to find out is to discuss this with your children. So, hopefully the holidays don’t become a burden to you in thinking of different ways to keep your child entertained but rather probe them on this issue and work towards this together. I will conclude by adding that reading a book to or with your child will be a memory your child will never forget. If your child is an independent reader then try to ask your child to tell you what the book is about so far. This is a great way to measure their understanding of the story and a great way to practise the skill of  summarizing.  Have a great holiday with your children these school holidays.