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Term 2 Library update

21 Apr
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We would like to wish all the students attempting the Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2016. Children from Yr 1 to 2 are meant to read 30 books which sounds like an incredible amount but what this actually means is also those books that are read to them either at home or at school; whereas children from Yr. 3 to 5 are meant to read 15 books which can include chapter books and picture books. Of course, they can read more if they wish but the challenge has designated these amounts of books to read. The whole point of the challenge is not to elicit a competition as there will be no prizes given but to foster a love of reading and to develop their literacy skills as well as their brain function.Picture1
When we think of libraries in general, we think of them as places to read, look for information and follow recreational pursuits so of course, this is also our creed and one that brings great joy to us, the library staff, when we see children engaging in, getting absorbed into a story. It is one of the most satisfying and rewarding aspects of our job. I would like to conclude that this is the prime purpose for a library and anything else is peripheral to this one activity, so on that note, happy reading to you and yours!!