Term 3 – 2016 Update

26 Jul
Here we are in Term 3 already and winter is definitely upon us!! what better way to spend these cold, wintry days than with a book near the fire/heater?
We would like to remind parents that the Premier’s Reading Challenge will finish by end of September and we hope that all children who took on board the commitment to read the expected books are doing so. Those children who satisfy the reading expectations and have had the letter signed and agreed upon to disclose their names on the honour list will be the ONLY ones whose names will appear. This regulation is not by us, but by the Premier’s mandate. We hope you can all rise to the challenge and have been enjoying the books you’re reading!
Hopefully you will be,or have already, received information about the Character parade on Monday 29th August as well as the Scholastic Book Fair which starts on Tuesday 30th August and finishes by 4pm on Monday 5th September. There is always a wide range of items to be purchased including books and stationery; but we don’t know exactly what these will be till the Fair arrives at the school. Your participation is much welcomed and enjoyed.
The theme for the Character parade is AUSTRALIA: STORY: COUNTRY and as such, we are asking students from Year Prep to Year Five to come dressed in any costume that depicts the Australian culture and way of life including Australian Animals; the characters from the Author studies in Yr. 2 to Yr.5 and any other. We hope this will engender some discussion between you and your child in regards to the theme.
We look forward to seeing the many and varied costumes on that day! It will be held in the hall.
Feel free to leave any feedback on the blog as we welcome your comments!
From the Library Staff, Evelina, Rawia, Iman and Belle

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