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Character Parade 2016

1 Sep

At this time of year all the children at A.I.A get very excited because it’s time to get dressed up for our annual Character parade. The theme this year was Australia: Story: Country which gave the staff a great opportunity to explore different authors and characters from a variety of books. As usual the children together with their parents assistance shone through and did the school proud.  There were different characters such as jackaroos, jillaroos, kangaroos, wombats, the wiggles characters, convicts, cockatoos and much, much more. We also had, thanks to Ms. Stacey, some Yr. Prep, One and Two teachers as well as some of the children a collection of video presentations with the children talking about books. The Yr. 2A class together with their teacher, Ms. Hilary also performed a play using “Wombat Stew” the story and changing the character to a koala instead of the wombat. This was a very enjoyable performance and the children shone in confidence for all to see. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed the whole event.


IMG_6436   IMG_6430100_9211