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WOW! Has 2016 ended??

13 Dec
It’s amazing how quickly the year has flown past and on behalf of the library staff, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a lovely long, summer holiday. If you have a library book at home that belongs to the primary school library at A.I.A please feel free to drop it in to us by Friday 16th December as this is the last day of school for everyone.If you’re at loggerheads to know what to do during these holidays do remember that your public libraries have amazing school programs and different activities for the whole family to enjoy. There’s also the chance to sit back and relax reading a good book. Being your child’s role model, it’s also a great opportunity to model this reading behaviour to your children by reading a book of interest yourselves as this sends the right message to your child that reading is a valuable and enjoyable pastime. With the younger children it’s also a great time to sit and read a story to them. Perhaps some of the older siblings could do this with their younger brothers or sisters? A great and fun way to maintain writing habits during the holidays is to ask your child to write about an activity or event that the family has enjoyed together. The language experience approach, as it’s known, is a tremendous strategy to use to enhance the children’s writing skills. They can then use their written piece to read from and you’d be surprised how well they can read what they’ve written themselves. Another useful strategy is to ask your child, after some reading time, to tell you about what they’ve just read.  So, in short, there’s a wealth of different activities that you can all enjoy during the holidays. Have fun and derive some valuable pleasure in getting to know your children all over again!Image result for sunshine clipart