Let’s Get Organised!

16 Feb

As the old adage states: “Time stands still for no-one” which brings us then to yet another year of riveting reading and mayhem in the library!! Our classes have started in earnest and we’re all busy trying to establish some routines in here for the children to follow. Image result for smiley sunny flower clipartThere’s nothing more settling or grounding than routines to make us feel safe and secure in the knowledge that things run smoothly and have a pattern. In fact, the more routines the children have the safer and securer they feel! So bring them on!! Just this very morning, I’ve been talking about the meaning of “organised” and asked the children of Grade Preps, if they already had some prior knowledge of this word. Their answers were amazing!! One boy said: “it means to have things in order” another girl said:” it means cleaning up!” another student uttered: “It means being careful with things!” It was so pleasing to hear their comments! So our main focus for a while will be “BEING ORGANISED” which is one of our Transdisciplinary themes; and another focus will be “BEING CAREFUL”which is one of our important Profiles especially with the new Prep children! but for all other classes too!! We sure do try to keep things organised in our library and are always mindful to have a neat and tidy environment for everyone to enjoy!! Here’s hoping we have yet another successful year ahead of us, insha’Allah!!! Take care and as always: HAPPY READING!!


Image result for clipart organised sign for kids


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