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Welcome 2018!

9 Jan

We hope that you are enjoying your school holidays with lots of Sun and Laughter.

Just to remind you to take the opportunity to visit your local library.

There are many things to do there… and the exciting thing is… they are FREE!


  1. Borrow and share wonderful books (the picture books are my favourite)
  2. Explore the Reference section… even though you are unable to borrow these items, they are AMAZING to look at.
  3. Print a page (photo copy it… for a very small fee) from a favourite
    Picture Book and Colour it in!
  4. Join in any scheduled school holiday activities… ask at the help desk.
  5. Most of all… have lots and lots of fun!

See you all safe and well in Term 1 Insha’Allah.

Oh and please remember, if you still have one of our library books at home, please return it when you come back to school…