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End of 2017 Library Times

30 Nov

Once again we’ve reached that time in the year when we make sure to “dot the Is and cross the Ts” on all the loose ends before the end of the year and it is on that note then that we ask you to please check that your child has done the right and responsible thing of returning all their library books back before close of school year.


We wish to congratulate the participants of the Premier’s Reading Challenge who rose to the challenge and completed the 15 or 30 stories that had to be read and/or listened to; we’ve had another two successful Book Fairs, one for the Islamic books and one from the Scholastic books organisation; our National Simultaneous story this year was enjoyed by all and we tried to provide some fun activities around the book. This year we’ve made an even more determined and specific effort to include the six Transdisciplinary themes in our work with the children and the two most often and obvious ones that stand out are: How we organise ourselves (in the library) and How we express ourselves (through storybooks). The primary library team has worked well in providing a friendly and efficient service to everyone and I would like to take this chance to thank them for their efforts.  Other than that, I’d like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the primary library staff, to wish you all a happy, safe and relatively “cool” summer holidays. Do remember there are some wonderful public libraries out there that are waiting your visit over the summer.


Best wishes from the primary library staff



IBC Islamic Book Fair

25 May

Many thanks to those staff, parents and children who participated at our IBC Islamic Book Fair in Week 6, Monday 22nd May to Friday 26th May. Your response has been overwhelming and we, the library staff, extend our sincere gratitude for your patronage.

Photo for BLog

Here’s wishing you all Ramadan Mubarak!

In appreciation,

the Primary Library staff. Image result for smiley flower face

Let’s Get Organised!

16 Feb

As the old adage states: “Time stands still for no-one” which brings us then to yet another year of riveting reading and mayhem in the library!! Our classes have started in earnest and we’re all busy trying to establish some routines in here for the children to follow. Image result for smiley sunny flower clipartThere’s nothing more settling or grounding than routines to make us feel safe and secure in the knowledge that things run smoothly and have a pattern. In fact, the more routines the children have the safer and securer they feel! So bring them on!! Just this very morning, I’ve been talking about the meaning of “organised” and asked the children of Grade Preps, if they already had some prior knowledge of this word. Their answers were amazing!! One boy said: “it means to have things in order” another girl said:” it means cleaning up!” another student uttered: “It means being careful with things!” It was so pleasing to hear their comments! So our main focus for a while will be “BEING ORGANISED” which is one of our Transdisciplinary themes; and another focus will be “BEING CAREFUL”which is one of our important Profiles especially with the new Prep children! but for all other classes too!! We sure do try to keep things organised in our library and are always mindful to have a neat and tidy environment for everyone to enjoy!! Here’s hoping we have yet another successful year ahead of us, insha’Allah!!! Take care and as always: HAPPY READING!!


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WOW! Has 2016 ended??

13 Dec
It’s amazing how quickly the year has flown past and on behalf of the library staff, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a lovely long, summer holiday. If you have a library book at home that belongs to the primary school library at A.I.A please feel free to drop it in to us by Friday 16th December as this is the last day of school for everyone.If you’re at loggerheads to know what to do during these holidays do remember that your public libraries have amazing school programs and different activities for the whole family to enjoy. There’s also the chance to sit back and relax reading a good book. Being your child’s role model, it’s also a great opportunity to model this reading behaviour to your children by reading a book of interest yourselves as this sends the right message to your child that reading is a valuable and enjoyable pastime. With the younger children it’s also a great time to sit and read a story to them. Perhaps some of the older siblings could do this with their younger brothers or sisters? A great and fun way to maintain writing habits during the holidays is to ask your child to write about an activity or event that the family has enjoyed together. The language experience approach, as it’s known, is a tremendous strategy to use to enhance the children’s writing skills. They can then use their written piece to read from and you’d be surprised how well they can read what they’ve written themselves. Another useful strategy is to ask your child, after some reading time, to tell you about what they’ve just read.  So, in short, there’s a wealth of different activities that you can all enjoy during the holidays. Have fun and derive some valuable pleasure in getting to know your children all over again!Image result for sunshine clipart

Character Parade 2016

1 Sep

At this time of year all the children at A.I.A get very excited because it’s time to get dressed up for our annual Character parade. The theme this year was Australia: Story: Country which gave the staff a great opportunity to explore different authors and characters from a variety of books. As usual the children together with their parents assistance shone through and did the school proud.  There were different characters such as jackaroos, jillaroos, kangaroos, wombats, the wiggles characters, convicts, cockatoos and much, much more. We also had, thanks to Ms. Stacey, some Yr. Prep, One and Two teachers as well as some of the children a collection of video presentations with the children talking about books. The Yr. 2A class together with their teacher, Ms. Hilary also performed a play using “Wombat Stew” the story and changing the character to a koala instead of the wombat. This was a very enjoyable performance and the children shone in confidence for all to see. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed the whole event.


IMG_6436   IMG_6430100_9211




Term 3 – 2016 Update

26 Jul
Here we are in Term 3 already and winter is definitely upon us!! what better way to spend these cold, wintry days than with a book near the fire/heater?
We would like to remind parents that the Premier’s Reading Challenge will finish by end of September and we hope that all children who took on board the commitment to read the expected books are doing so. Those children who satisfy the reading expectations and have had the letter signed and agreed upon to disclose their names on the honour list will be the ONLY ones whose names will appear. This regulation is not by us, but by the Premier’s mandate. We hope you can all rise to the challenge and have been enjoying the books you’re reading!
Hopefully you will be,or have already, received information about the Character parade on Monday 29th August as well as the Scholastic Book Fair which starts on Tuesday 30th August and finishes by 4pm on Monday 5th September. There is always a wide range of items to be purchased including books and stationery; but we don’t know exactly what these will be till the Fair arrives at the school. Your participation is much welcomed and enjoyed.
The theme for the Character parade is AUSTRALIA: STORY: COUNTRY and as such, we are asking students from Year Prep to Year Five to come dressed in any costume that depicts the Australian culture and way of life including Australian Animals; the characters from the Author studies in Yr. 2 to Yr.5 and any other. We hope this will engender some discussion between you and your child in regards to the theme.
We look forward to seeing the many and varied costumes on that day! It will be held in the hall.
Feel free to leave any feedback on the blog as we welcome your comments!
From the Library Staff, Evelina, Rawia, Iman and Belle

National Simultaneous Story Time

30 May
The Primary Library hosted another terrific National Simultaneous Story time  this year. The book which was featured was called: “I got this Hat” by Jol and Kate Templeimgres.


i-got-this-hat1Its focus was on highlighting the different uses of hats for work, pleasure, safety and part of a national costume.                                              The children enjoyed and appreciated the rhyming words within the story and discussed the different uses for hats.
It was held on Wednesday 25th May but ran for two weeks in the library in order to cover all the classes and all aspects of the campaign which is to simply extend children’s enjoyment and appreciation of books.P1010871

On Wednesday 25th May, the junior classes namely Years Prep, Ones and Twos were asked to come to school wearing a “funny, weird, imaginative, crazy” hat and they didn’t disappoint!! Have a look here at the many different ones!

On behalf of the primary library we would like to extend a special note of gratitude to the parents who went out of their way to support their children in this fun activity.

A quick reminder too that the IBC Shop will be running a Book Fair here in the library foyer from Monday 20th June to Friday 24th June inclusively.

Ali Gator Book Fair

Please ensure small children have their money secured in an envelope to avoid any upset for your child. They will be able to shop during the library time and if you wish to come with them after school, you’re more than welcome. We will be open till 3:15pm as it is during Ramadan. Many thanks for your assistance and co-operation in that.